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  Description. Use or meaning.

Chequered Flag


The chequered flag is waved as the cars pass the finishing line indicating the end of the race.

Red Flag


The red flag is displayed to stop the race. It is displayed motionless. All drivers must stop racing immediately and proceed to the pits.
Black and White Diagonal Flag. This flag is displayed to drivers for unsportsmanlike behaviour. It is displayed motionless with a white number on a blackboard.

Black Flag


This flag shown motionless with a white number on a blackboard informs the driver that he must stop at his pits on the next lap and report to the clerk of the course.

Black Flag with Orange Disc


Shown with a white number on a blackboard informs the driver that his car has mechanical problems, likely to endanger himself or others.

Driver must stop at his pit on the next lap.


Yellow Flag


This flag is waved signalling danger or a dangerous situation. It is not permitted to overtake while under a yellow flag.

Stationary:  Drive within limits. No overtaking. There is a hazard beside the track. Slow down, prepare to stop.

Waved:  Slow down, prepare to stop. No overtaking. Be prepared to drive off the usual racing line. There is a hazard on the track.

Double waved:  Slow down, prepare to stop. No overtaking. The track may be total or partially blocked.


Green Flag


This is used at the end of a danger area controlled by the yellow flags to show all clear.

May also be used to start warm up lap.

Yellow Flag with Red Stripes This flag indicates that the grip on the track surface has deteriorated in that area usually due to oil on the track or water causing aquaplaning.

White Flag


This flag tells drivers that they are about to overtake a slower moving vehicle.

Stationary:  There is a slower vehicle on track.

Waved:  Slower car may cause a serious obstruction.


Blue Flag


This flag is waved at drivers informing them  that they are going to be overtaken by one or more faster cars.

Stationary:  The faster car is still some distance away.

Waved:  They must give way or risk getting a penalty.

 From Pit Lane:  A blue flag is show to cars leaving the pit lane when other cars are approaching on the race track.

Safety Car  

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